Opening Day

September 1, 1995

A look at Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Rock hall composite
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Many people were unable to come to Cleveland to join in the celebration as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame officially opened. I took my camera down to 9th street and took a few pictures to share with you. The picture at the top of this page is a composite I worked up from some of those pictures. Rock Hall best angle
visitors sign access sign
The media was out in full force. Lining both sides of 9th street were radio booths where different radio stations from across the country were broadcasting live throughout the day. A special platform was built just for TV cameras. broadcast boothsTV scaffolds
Many on-the-spot interviews were taking place wherever you looked. on the street interview
Inside the hall of fame wasn't the only place to be. Roaming around after the parade I took these shots "on-the-street".

See if you know what the different floats here represent.

rolling rocksguitar man float
Music for the passerby wasn't only provided by the hall's own speaker system. street musician
No one attempted to take this for a ride in the harbor. submarine
A small boy touches his "piece of the rock". boy and rock
You may have seen this float on Nightline. car float
Hop aboard our tour bus. While you're here you can check out a few things about Cleveland and what it has to offer. loop bus
On my way downtown, I took this shot of the Cleveland skyline from Edgewater Park on Lake Erie. Cleveland skyline

Check these places out.

I hope you enjoyed this informal look at opening day. I have some other pictures. When I have time, I'll post them.

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Cleveland rocks! Cleveland Rocks!